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Buy Original Hallmark Lovey Designs

From the beginning, Hallmark Baby wanted to create special plush loveys that originated from classic designs that had simplicity and quality. Our studio artists came up with modern designs that look like vintage loveys, but are in line with all materials and safety requirements of today’s baby apparel standards.

The plush lovey designs that we came up with have real personality and charm, are made of high quality cotton and materials and will last years. Your baby boy and girl will love the textures, sounds, brightly colored fabrics of loveys that come in shapes like a bunny, a forest critter or even a flying pterodactyl! The animals and pattern loveys we create are made to be timeless and are made with durable non-toxic dyes and many can be personalized with your little’s name or a special date!

Every plush lovey we create in the Hallmark fabric studios comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They make wonderful and heartfelt baby shower gifts for expecting families, but they’re also good for just making a new little friend who might not be comfortable around you yet.

We’re adding new selections in plush loveys all the time, so check back often as we expand the line. Remember to sign up for our email list to get first choice on all new designs in baby clothes, toys and accessories!